I lead a type of guided meditation called Integrative Restoration - or iRest for short. iRest, developed and trademarked by Dr. Richard Miller, is a 10-step protocol based on the ancient practice of yoga nidra. More information about iRest can be found at

Please feel free to download these recorded practices and use at your convenience and pass along to your friends and family.

Yoga nidra literally means "yogic sleep" - so you may find that you fall into a sleep-like state during the practice or you may fall completely asleep. No worries, that is perfectly normal.

Before you begin your meditation practice, take the time to find a comfortable position such that if your were to fall asleep, you would be safe and secure.

I use iRest with yoga therapy clients and find that most enjoy the practice and find it beneficial. In these recordings, I follow Dr. Miller's 10 part protocol very closely but when I work one-on-one with clients I will narrow the focus to fit each client's unique situation.

Other Recorded Meditation


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